My Evil Twin Sister Said​.​.​.

by Evil Twin Sister

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released November 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Evil Twin Sister Waukegan, Illinois

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Track Name: Numbers
Latitude and longitude
Your numbers are beautiful
Alphabet of secrets
The ones you'd never tell

Facing a ballroom door
Step foot inside this fire
We get so comfortable
Hour by handsome hour

So sweet, specifically for me
I'll slowly swallow all the sea
Breathe deep and come and visit me
I'm not a sheep, I'm not asleep
This is so soft
I've been dreaming of this moment for so long
My thoughts are rested but my body is weak
Track Name: Gasoline
am more than serious
I am a serious lunatic
Keep all the children in the back of the class tonight
I'd give anything to have
That terrible old body back
Keep on track by cleaning up your acts

I am rife with benefits
Caffeine, gasoline, and sex
I could've given a cold shoulder to anyone
I'd give anything to have
That terrible old body back
You should all start cleaning up your acts

I've got your gasoline
They took it easy on me
I found a way for them to think I would too

I am more than serious
I am a serious lunatic
I've devolved into a lesser you

I've got your gasoline
They burned our bridges early
How many scenes I set where I'm tragically dying after you
Track Name: Forks & Knives
I've got this bad habit of letting myself get talked into things
And most of the time I'm the one that's doing the talking
I'd shut that mouth if I were you, that tongue in this old town
Is gonna get you hung, it's gonna get you stoned to death

I'm coming around, I'm full of 'em tonight
I'm coming around, I'm bringing the forks and knives

Don't call it quits, my advice is to tread with care
This is a right and proper change, we're getting there
I share your scorn but let me tell you why
We can't have you running around like an outlaw, boy
Track Name: Medicine Hands
Hey man you've got those medicine hands
You've got a delicate grasp on things
Hey you, who says I haven't a clue?
Who says I don't understand what it means?
I might've cried real hard when I was falling asleep
When I was young I was weak, but I'm old enough now to
Break glass, all the dishes got smashed
Who could've done this? Who would've done this to me?

Set fire to the hall
Are you coming out at all?
Who scared you away?
I would've dared you anyway

I said I hate you but I was joshing you, kid
My mind was gone in a ditch
Do you remember what else I said?
Context my dear old friend
This might be coming to an end
But I think better of you than that
You still got those medicine hands
I'm always thinking about the past
Like when I laid down at the bottom of the ocean
All these saltwater pearls mean nothing
When it's something after something else
It's always something

Set fire to the hall
You said you're coming out alone if you're coming out at all
Somebody or something scared you away
I would've dared you anyway
Track Name: King Of The World
Sunset above the clouds
Red faces figuring out
I've come alone to this
I'm leaving happily fed
Humans rock back and forth
Go south and she stays north
Be sure to feed your pets
They are the best you'll get

They are the best you'll ever get

Count down to counting clouds
Spell fashion with sprawling out
Stuck on a city's stench
Revamp an old syringe
Call out, I waited so long
Eight years I got this so wrong
Perplexed by a rising sun
Villains leave the heroes none

That's why I'm leaving you none at all

King of the world, king of the world
King of the world and I feel like royalty
I'm going out with a bang when I die
Which one of you fools is going to bury me?
Track Name: Bitches Get Stitches
Bitches get stitches
I caught you burying my bone in your front yard
I caught a fever and I'm blaming it all on you
I fucked you
Track Name: Evil Twin Sister
My brother said ... what did he say?
Says I'm going off the deep end again
I'd like to see how long he can swim
If he could swim at all inside of my skin

My evil twin sister said, "What have you done?"
It's getting easier every single day
Back then I didn't want to run
But now I sit still impatiently every day

Keeps on running her mouth
Keeps on calling me a boy
The kerosene is almost out
Generating heat was easier when we were coy

We were coy because, dear,
We were loud and clear, information yesteryear
Revealed to me in code, maybe I'd do what I'm told
If your voice weren't so terrible and uncontrolled
Track Name: Cut You Off
Two porcelain mugs in the sink
Not one of them belonged to me
Read: stolen, a warm empty chest
Nurse bringing me a colder one back
The stage is set, we're watching
Departing and arriving
Inaccurate concept of time or timing
Parked cars sitting next to alarms
Washed up all covered in scars
Memory through the passing of days
Who wants to be mad? This is only a phase
In less than an hour, I'm gone
Stand strong while whistling songs
I'll cut you off

Why not debate me?
Are we equals? Hardly
I cut a lot for you
I cut an awful lot for me
This water looks the same
Nobody fought the rain
Then it came down harder
And took advantage of your daughter
Snap pop click, snap pop click
I'm trying to get rid of it
Don't do this and don't do that
Your death was quite unfortunate
We've done away with love
A splash of red to trade with loss
I'll cut you off
Track Name: Alone
"Sometimes it's better to pretend," she said
Developing photos of hospital beds
In your spare time leaves you with a sad outlook
On life and the taste in your mouth, oh look

Now wandering solo
I never felt so low
As when I had you alone

Kept deep inside a one track mind
So focused on the life and times
Of a man pretending that he's in pain
Or the woman who thinks pretending is great
They both can't see the exact same thing
Track Name: Poem
Fighting hard had never seemed so hard
Till fighting hard became so hard
And you're so far like far away glass
Breaking ground as I walk past
Dark wind is fast like fasting time
She starves herself to sleep
So deep I found my feet in blood
But now in mud I see

To find a chime that sounds like mine
It will not be as sweet
Although I'm blind and can't tell time
I know you're blind with me
Though I can't seem to find peace
Or the sheath that held your words
They cut freely now, take a bow
And get what you deserve

I watch my life unravel
On this path I cannot travel
I fall upon sharp gravel
But make no attempt to get up
Deep in your eye I see you die
I sigh and slowly look away
To pay the fine of the divine
Will surely turn me gray
Track Name: Burgled
Mosey around, it's hard to breathe the air outside, it's blue
Like a warning, your drowning fists remind me what to do
Take intermissions every chance we get
Coin collection till someone decides to burgle it

The moon you're coming to in waves
I am the crab that scared you away
In my dreams I am taming beasts
Never thought the beast was me

The lost and found was hard to reach but they never had my crown
I took a fortnight just to settle down
This city has my lucky Denver mint
I took it with me on the train and I think someone burgled it

Choked on a metric ton of zinc
I slowly swallowed all the sea